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The Companies and Products listed in our system are certified HALAL by their respective Certificate Agents. Visitors are advised to check, verify and confirm HALAL certificate and expiry date of these companies from their authorized Certificate Agents.

Hot Sauce

Al faris Food Industries Ltd

Natural Vinegar

Al faris Food Industries Ltd

Fruit Cake

Al Hasa Automatic bakery


Pinehill Arabia Food Limited

Plain Crepes

Al Hasa Automatic bakery

Red Kidney Beans

Al-Wedyan National Company for Food Products Ltd.

Frying Oil

Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia


Saudi Goody Products Marketing Company

Espresso Coffee

Alkhair Trading Co

Watermelon & Rose Nectar

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co.


Hop Saudi Juice

Al Rabie Apple Juice

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co.


Arab Companies for Modern Industries

Original Chunks

Gulf Union Foods Co

rebea tea

Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen and Company