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Traditional pineapple cake 45g / 9 into - prime cu...

ChaoPin Enterprise Co., Ltd
Selection of fresh pineapple and an appropriate proportion of dense melon, added sugar and malt, after six hours over low heat cooked stuffing made ...

Limited! Taro ice cream 26g / 9 into - milk hormone

ChaoPin Enterprise Co., Ltd
Made of soft boiled simmered taro Dajia, with no natural pigment purple taro, and then with distinct capsules dense red beans, taro natural cream wi...

Soil pineapple cake 35g / 9 into - prime custard

ChaoPin Enterprise Co., Ltd
Taiwan original adobe pineapple, multi-channel complex via continuous boiled together; since the original adobe pineapple production season due to t...

Integrated traditional green bean cake (three flav...

ChaoPin Enterprise Co., Ltd
Green beans using natural raw materials and traditional hand-crafted, articulate your mouth, better bring out the pastry with the tea thick mellow t...