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PT. Eloda Mitra
Sekarang tidak perlu repot lagi jika ingin menikmati sambal goreng hati. Panaskan sebentar lalu sajikan dengan nasi putih hangat atau nasi kuning. ...

Beef luncheon

Al Hana Food Industry Co.
Beef luncheon Meat( 850, 340, 200, 180g) whith varioun brand names: Maraai, Anwer Al-quds, Fancy. "Canned beef luncheon meat is made mixed with cert...

7 & I SEACHICKEN MILD 7 & I Seachicken Mild- Skipj...

Aneka Tuna Indonesia,PT

Chicken luncheon

Al Hana Food Industry Co.
Chicken luncheon Meat: ( 850, 340, 200, 180g) whith al-marrai brand name. "Canned chicken luncheon meat is made of chicken meat mixed with certain a...

Chicki Chunk Chicken in Brine

UniGlocal InterTrade
Cubes of cooked and ready Chicken Breast in Brine. Nothing better than pouring this can and mixing it with other fresh vegetables and here you are R...

Chicki Chunk Chicken in Italian Salad

UniGlocal InterTrade
A delicious topping to your Pizza or Pasta. These slices of Chicken Breast with REAL Tomato and Black Olives are the best solution to prepare your q...

Chicki Chunk Chicken in Biryani Sauce

UniGlocal InterTrade
Spiced to your taste and mixed with chick peas & green beans. The lovely and readily cooked shredded Chicken Breast are the best companion to your ...

Foul Egyptian Recipe

Al-Wedyan National Company for Food Products Ltd.
highly modernized unit using the latest technology to produce quality product adhering to international standards.

Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang


PT. Eloda Mitra
ESKRIPSI PRODUK Dimanapun Anda berada, kemudahan menghidangkan nasi goreng yang lezat, kini semudah semudah membalikkan telapak tangan. Aroma bawa...

Chicki Chunk Chicken in Thai Chili

UniGlocal InterTrade
Wonder of the Far East in a can. These cubes of Chicken Breast dipped into the traditional Thai Chili Sauce are the best companion to your steamed w...

Chicki Chunk Chicken in Tomato & Onion

UniGlocal InterTrade
The lovely shredded Chicken Breast comes this time with REAL Tomato & Onion. Prepare your sandwich or add this to your ready rice and enjoy the mild...