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Flavoured Cordial

KHH Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Flavoured Base:? Rootbeer (Sarsi) ? Lychee (Laici)? Orange (Oren) ? Blackcurrant (Anggur)? Rose (Ros)

Instant Powder Drink Mango Flavor

Nizwa Food Industries LLC


This product is suitable for consumption by the general population. It is also a popular choice for food services.

RED KANGAROO Flavoured Drink Base

Orange Crush (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Keep in cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. 1 part of cordial to 4 parts of water.


Hop Saudi Juice

Al Rabie Apple Juice

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co.
Pure apple juice

30% Mango Juice

Chabaa Bangkok Co.,Ltd.

40% Red & White Grape Juice

Chabaa Bangkok Co.,Ltd.

Premium Date Syrup

Al Barakah Dates Factory
Our fully-automated date syrup production line guarantees a very high quality product that can be used across numerous industries.

Minuman Herba Halia Madu

Minuman Halia Madu merupakan serbuk minuman halia segera yang dihasilkan melalui proses ekstrak halia hingga menjadi kering.

Double Lion Flavoured Concentrate

K.H.H. Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Flavoured Base? Rose (Ros) ? Sarsi ? Guava (Jambu Batu)? Sweet Corn (Jagung) ? Pandan ? Barley (Barli)? Orange (Oren) ? Yam (Keladi) ? Sugar Cane (T...

Sjora Mango Concentrate

Zilzar Trade Sdn Bhd
NESTL SJORA Mango Smoothie is made with real fruit. Just 3 simple steps: 1 full tray of frozen product with 200ml tap water, blend for 15 seconds & ...

Rani Fruit Juice

Suria Wholesalers Sdn. bhd.
Rani Float's unique recipe of smooth juice and real fruit pieces, or 'chunks' proved a winning combination with the younger generation, and is now a...


Pt. Mutiara Abadi Makmur

Lu concentrated candy flavored syrups 20kg

Hong Li Food Enterprise Co.,Ltd

(OEM/ODM) Manufacturer Royal Honey & Bio Coffee

Drs Secret Worldwide Manufacturing S.Bhd
Reduce stress , Strengthen physical fitness and ability, Restoring energy , Strengthen body foundation health, Kidney regulation, Anti -aging , Anti...

Flavor Milk (Milk Pasta)

Verra Co., Cv/ Redbell
Provides white color and the aroma and taste of milk for food and drink


K.H.H. Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Flavoured Base ? Sarsi ? Lychee (Laici) ? Orange (Oren) ? Blackcurrant (Anggur) ? Rose (Ros)

Nutri C – Ready To Drink

Nutri C Powder Juice Drink-Ready-To-Drink is a healthy, refreshing and nutritious drink.

Sehtak Mango Juice

Zuhal Water

Flavoured Concentrate

KHH Double Lion Fruit Juice Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Packing/ Carton: 520ml x 24 375ml x 24Carton Size: (Ext) 430 X 290 X 199mm 324 X 218 X 210mmGross Weight/ Carton: 14.40kg 10.00kgM3: 0.025 0.01520FT...

Fresh Juice

Wafir International Group

Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup

18C Master Sdn Bhd
Granulated sugar , Water , Ginger , Ginger Powder , Spices , Metaphosphate , Capsicum , Hexadiene Potassium , Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose

Sehtak Apple Juice

Zuhal Water

Ice Blend Powder

PT, Health Today Indonesia
Cepat dan mudah dalam proses pembuatan Beragam pilihan dengan rasa konsisten Ready mix hanya dengan air/ susu & es Menggunakan gula asli (buka...

100% Pineapple Juice

First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Delicious pineapple juice. This drink is among the best choice for you to choose.

Flavor Coconut Milk (Santan Pasta)

Verra Co., Cv/ Redbell
Provides white color and the aroma and taste of coconut milk for food and beverages

Guava Juice

Zuhal Water


PT Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa

Flavor Vanillin (Vanillie Pasta)

Verra Co., Cv/ Redbell
Provides white color and aroma & taste Vanillie for food and drink

Sunny Cordials

Magnificia Group Sdn Bhd
Sunny Cordials

40% Mixed Fruit Juice

Chabaa Bangkok Co.,Ltd.

Mango Juice

First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Naturally high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, can be anti-oxidant. With sweet and sour taste, it makes you refreshingly when thirsty. And in fact, ...

100% Pineapple Juice with Nata De Coco

First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Nata De Coco is a jelly-like fiber made from coconut water. It is high in fiber and its sponge-like structure will help absorb toxin substance in yo...

Bizty Ice

PT Internusa Food

Sarsi Cordial

Jalen Sdn. Bhd.
Sarsi Cordial