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Argan Wonder Lipstick

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Argan Wonder Lipstick reduces wrinkles around lips, lightens age spots, smoothens lips, gives extra moisture and protects against the harmful UVA & ...

Argan Wonder Powder

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
SimplySiti combines its latest cosmetic technology with one of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients, Argan Oil that rejuvenates your skins yout...

Doll Lips Creme Shine

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Gincu bibir terbaru 10 warna mewah menggoda dan kilatan yang menyerlah Formula terbau yang mampu memberi keseimbangan pada bibir dari segi warna d...

Simply Elegant Lipstick Absolute Matte & Ultra Moist

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Express your most elegant & sophisticated pout with an array of breath-taking colours.

Simply Elegant Liquid Eye Liner

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
A 24 hours extended eyeliner that creates a bold and elegant look without smudging

Bright Glow Duo Cheeks Blusher

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Solekan yang cantik tetap akan nampak suram tanpa penaik seri warna di pipi Permerah pipi yang baik haruslah membuatkan mekap nampak 'IN' dan bukan...

Alaisyah Siri Uni White BB Krim

Coscolab Sdn Bhd
This blemish base (BB) cream is specially formulated to moisture, nourish and protect your skin from harmful UV rays while also acts as a make-up ba...

Eyeshadow Base

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Formulasi terbaru untuk hasil solekan mata lebih menyerlah dan tahan lama. Sebagai asas sebelum memulakan solekan mata. Pembayang mata lebih menye...

Simply Elegant Blusher

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
An elegantly designed puff blusher which imparts a sultry glow to cheeks.

Eyes & Cheeks Palette

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Variasi warna yang hadir dalam satu palet menjadi penggemar mekap terkini Hadir dalam 4 warna hangat dan berani Berani bereksperimen untuk menampi...


Blinq Sistarz Sdn Bhd
Blinq Foundation can protect the skin from UV rays of the sun. It provides a soft texture , uneven and more frail .

Flavored Lip Balm

Avally Imex PTE. LTD.
100% Natural 4g

Doll Skin Foundation

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Lekapan bedas asas bersifat likat dan ringan dengan kemasan penyamar noda terbaik Menyembunyikan cela, parut jerawat dengan berkesan melalui sapuan...

Simply Elegant Compact Powder

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
The perfect epitome of pure elegance, Ultra fine particles sweeps away imperfections and optimizes the effects of light for radiant, even-toned comp...

Simply Elegant 2 Way Cake

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Its smooth crystal-like texture glides on seamlessly for a porcelain looking coverage & optimal luminosity.

Doll Intense Colour Eyeliner

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Celak tanpa raut dengan 3 warna patut di miliki. Paling utama, teksturnya licin, lembut tetapi tidak patah serta kalis air. Ia tidak akan merekah ...

Simply Perfect Definition Liquid Eye Liner

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Get the slim and definite waterproof eyeliner tip at 0.5cm by SimplySiti. Gives super shiny black finishing with easy application.

Argan Wonder Mascara

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
SimplySiti combines one of the most powerful protein-rich ingredients Argan Oil in its Argan Wonder Mascara, nourishing, conditions and supports ha...

Double Impact Long Lash Mascara

Sendayu Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd
Maskara dengan berus unik yang menyaluti setiap helaian bulu mata untuk impak beranda lebih panjang dan lentik walau sekali sapuan Tidak bergumpal ...


SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Multi Marvel in One Tube. A truly must-have cream for your beauty needs. Micro-encapsulated pigments even out skin tone and provides natural coverage.

Simply Elegant Loose Powder

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Simply Elegant Loose Powder sets your entire look when youre done with your make-up, so get a flawless complexion with this one.

MakeUp Removal 120ml - Non Oily & Non Irritant to ...

Universal Joy Sdn Bhd
Lifts away conventional and waterproof makeup effectively, without leaving behind an oily residue or dry skin. It contains Sakura extract, which en...

Square Bottled lip gloss

Type: Lip Gloss Use: Lips Form: Stick Ingredient: Herbal Feature: High moisturization Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: ODM&OEM Model Number: LG43...

Xanzwhite Travel Pack

Sirim Berhad
Gently cleans traces of dirt, makeup and dead cells to enhance the absorption of active ingredients

ALaisyah Siri Uni White Pembersih Muka

Coscolab Sdn Bhd
Specially Formulated Without Alcohol And Enriched With Witch Hazel To Tighten Pores, Balance SkinS Ph Level For Fairer, Radiant & Supple Within 2 We...

Simply Dual Action Make Up Remover

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
MUR 01 SE MUR Green - Cleanse make-up and dirt with only one application.

Simply Luscious Dual Mascara

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd.
Dramatic look as if you are wearing fake eyelashes Super curl Protects and nourishes the eyelashes Semi-waterproof

PSK Long Lasting Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Type: Eyeliner Use: Eye Form: Gel Ingredient: Chemical Feature: Waterproof Certification: GMP, ISO Place of Origin: Taiwan Brand Name: PSK Gel Eyeli...

Treatment Face Powder

JasmineHouz Resources
Gets rid of pimples, freckles, acne scars and inflammation (sinusitis) while improving your skin texture.