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Frozen Durian Seedless

Top Fruits Sdn. Bhd.
Frozen Durian Seedless Pulp, is a convenient pack of durian fresh goodness grown in our own plantation, it is pack utilizing the blast-frozen treatm...

Durian Fruits

Top Fruits Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysia durian is often known as the King of Fruits. Its fruits hail from durian trees that take a min 10-15 years to mature. When durian fruits ar...

Frozen Durian Seedpulp

Top Fruits Sdn. Bhd.
Introducing the RTE MyDurian packs. Using blast frozen treatment process, TopFruits is now able to preserve the taste, flavor and aroma of Malaysias...

Fresh High End Malaysian Durian Musang King

Venus UK Global
This is a very seasonal fruit. Only available from selected months of the year from July to August and in very limited quantities. We have very high...

Frozen Whole Durian

Top Fruits Sdn. Bhd.
Top Fruits frozen whole durian is utilizing the latest technology of blast-frozen treatment can effectively preserved the taste, moistures and quali...

Alor Freez Dried Durian

FREEZE DRIED FRUITUtilising our in-house freeze-drying technology we are able to produce a highly nutritional and long-lasting quality product.


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