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Sepat Fish Dried

IKM Casheila Food

Is one type of freshwater fish that there are many South Kalimantan which has a distinctive taste. processed by means of modern semi-dried to preserve the quality of the fish and increase durability

Sepat dried fish is a fish that lives in a swamp area contained in the various regions in Indonesia, particularly in South Kalimantan. Sepat dried fish today really enjoy doing both local residents and domestic tourists besides the fish is very tasty also very suitable for use for the presents for loved ones, it is suitable also served on a dish. in Banjarmasin dried fish Sepat is made in one of the complementary menu compulsory for cafes and restaurants because it's unique.
Sepat dried fish that we produce is dried by traditional methods on the quality and freshness. produced without using a lot of salt, so it is suitable for people who do not really like each fish is salted.
This product has received permission from the City Health Office Banjarbaru (P-IRT No. 2026372010410-19), registered Trademark Rights "Casheila" in 2015 and Halal certification from the MUI LPPOM (No.28031001520315) in 2015.

Sepat Fish Dried

IKM Casheila Food


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