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Safree Moist Essence

Greato Co. Ltd

Anti-aging moist essence, promote firmer and supple skin

Moist essence with anti-aging effect, promote firmer and supple skin while prevent wrinkles. It helps moisturize the skin, prevent skin moisture loss, and improve skin elasticity.

Safree Moist Essence

Greato Co. Ltd


Place of origin123
Brand name
In Stock
Contain pork & pork traces /animal blood
Contains alcohol1
Halal certified

Trade details

Supply ability
50 Case per day

Product recommend comsuption / usage direction (How)

Put a suitable amount and apply to the whole face. Put a suitable amount and apply to the whole face.

Product Recommend usage occasion/frequency (When)

Suitable for daily use (morning and night)

Product nutritional facts

Water-soluble collagen, one kind of protein to that has action to connecting cells in the skin, promote skin elasticity and firmness.

Gold, gold has been known with its beauty effect from the ancient times. It has fine moisturizing component that penetrate to the skin.

Squalane, promote skin’s turnover due to squalene’s oxygen action. Mixture between sweat and squalene form sebum membrane that has action to protect skin from various of stimulus.

EGF, material developed as skin regeneration medicine, has action to put back turnover’s normal value.

Plant extract, focusing in actions brought by Japanese plants extract, such as keep skin moisture and purity, promote skin firmness, etc. The extracts are used and combined carefully, to support various of skin problems.

Proteoglycan, has 1.3 times moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid. It helps speed up skin’s turnover, has antioxidant action, and suppress inflammation action by suppress cell generation that produce inflammation in the body. 


Product additional information

1 case 54 pcs