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New Lifestyle White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic

Q&Z Food & Supplement Industry Sdn Bhd

Rainforest Regime ranges of coffee are a perfect blend of fine quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from best practices high end growers and are then passionately roasted under strict temperature control to give you that extra oomph and distin

Extensively researched for Good Health, Great Taste at your Convenience. This extraordinary blend of top grade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans combined with skim milk and sweetened with low calorie Xylitol is the perfect treat for those on a diet or just want to be healthier. Outstanding well balanced blend with great character and mellowed taste. Enjoy the wonderful coffee with its sweet taste and gain important health dividends as well.
This fine quality coffee blend is enriched with the natural goodness of freeze dried cow’s milk and Xylitol to give you that well balanced, surprisingly refined aromatic coffee taste. Specially developed to reduce calories in beverages for a healthier lifestyle and at the same time to meet the discerning taste of genuine coffee lovers.

Coffee by itself is virtually calorie and fat free – it is what we add that makes it calorie rich – such as sugar & creamer.

Unlike table sugar, Xylitol, a natural sweetener extracted from plant fibres has 40% less calories than common table sugar and is suitable for diabetics. Besides being free from artificial flavors, and fat laden creamers found in other brands, our innovative formulation uses non hydrogenated, protein rich, fat skimmed high calcium cow’s milk. All this combined to give you better nutrition so that you can indulge in your favourite coffee without worry; hence adding joy to your new lifestyle.

NO Sugar/Artificial Flavor/Dairy Creamer(Hydrogenated Fat)/Cholesterol/Preservatives. Created for the First Time in Malaysia! New health concept for a 3 in 1 white coffee for a better lifestyle

New Lifestyle White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic

Q&Z Food & Supplement Industry Sdn Bhd


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