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Melati Make-Up Remover

Greato Co. Ltd

Make-up remover in soft white gel. Apply suitable amount to a cotton, it will remove make up while cleanse the skin from dirt gently, while moisturize the skin at the same time. You can find skin become smoother after application.

Melati Make-Up Remover has white and soft gel. By put suitable amount to a cotton and wipe it softly to the face, it gently removes make up and dirt. The gel is very soft and mild to the skin! Different with common make-up remover, Melati Make-Up Remover has feature as face wash and face lotion in one. So no need to wash off afterwards! Plus, it makes skin smooth and moisturized right after the application. Three function in one, simple and quick! (No active agent is used) 

US $303-336 / Case (FOB Price)

Melati Make-Up Remover

Greato Co. Ltd


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Halal certified

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Supply ability
50 Case per day

Product recommend comsuption / usage direction (How)

Put suitable amount of Make Up Remover to a cotton, apply to the face gently. Put suitable amount of Make Up Remover to a cotton, apply to the face gently.

Product Recommend usage occasion/frequency (When)

For everyday use, morning and night

Product nutritional facts

Squalane, extracted from deep sea shark‘s cod liver oil, plant derived oil (olive oil etc).
It has action to help skin turn-over, to promote healthy skin. Its high moisturizing power helps prevent skin from skin trouble caused by dryness.

Ascorbic acid, scientific name of Vitamin C. It promotes skin brightening and collagen production

Water soluble collagen, a kind of protein that promote skin firmness. It has action to connect skin’s cells to give firmer skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Na, an ingredient with excellent water retention effect to promote firm and supple skin.

Sato-zakura flower extract, extracted from Sato-zakura flower. It has anti-glycation action that lead to anti-aging effect by suppress wrinkles and sagging.

Hatomugi (adlay) extract, extracted from hatomugi (adlay) seed. It has excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, to protect skin from roughness and inflammatory while moisturize the skin. It has an action to neutralize skin’s turn-over.


Product additional information

1 case 24 pcs