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MAJDMA Biopine Botanic Drink

Hikmah Marketing (SG) Pte Ltd

BioPine Botanic Drink helps to maintain, refresh and prevent from sickness.

MADJMA Biopine Drink pH 9.8 is an amazing energy drink and helps to cure chronic diseases.

MADJMA Biopine Drink contains five most important ingredients:-

>  Hunza Crystal Salt  - Take a pinch of salt and a glass of water for to our bodies will wash itself as a whole, the cells will be returned, all life processes will be harmonized, prepared & strengthen again and lot of modern diseases will disappear by HIS Permission.

> Cypress Leaf Extract - Cypress leaf can control blood flow. The leaves are useful to  smooth the lymphatic system, rheumatism, strengthen the circulatory system and reducing scars including acne scars.

>  Amber Pine Cypress - The research very amazing because most of the trees can be used for maximum health. The principles used in medicine solve almost all health problems.

> Al-Manna - The only form of 100% soluble fiber in the world. Plants that do not contain calories, vitamins or minerals, but it's prebiotic & much better than insulin. Practice it can keep the kidneys from damage due to diabetes, high blood pressure & for those who took medication for a long time.

> Solaray - Therapy using water medium that stores energy from sunlight and vibration. Inspired by Prof Sir Mugeni Samerin, a leading practitioner of holistic medicine. 7 different colors & vibrational of energy levels stored in water solaray turn 7 energy centers in the body, to treat & restore the entire system.

Benefits MADJMA Biopine Drink highly suitable for:-

* The athletes

* Any age

* Flu

* Diabetes

* Skin diseases

* Blood pressure

* Gallstones

* Body lethargy

* Poisoning

* High cholesterol

* Sinus

* Heart blockage

* Cancer

* Gout

* Asthma

* Eye vision

* Fatigue

MAJDMA Biopine Botanic Drink

Hikmah Marketing (SG) Pte Ltd


Place of origin123
Brand name
2 Weeks
Halal certified

Product recommend comsuption / usage direction (How)

Cancer, stroke- Drink 2-3 bottles daily.

Kidney stone- Drink 5 bottles daily.

High Blood Pressure- Drink 1 bottle daily.

Hepatitis- Drink 5 bottles daily.

Gout, high cholesterol, sinus- Drink 2 bottles daily.


Product ingredients

- Hunza Crystal Salt.

- Cypress Leaf Extract.

- Amber Pine Cypress.

- Al-Manna.

- Solaray.