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Deep Action Scrubbing Mask

Zelcos Laboratory Sdn Bhd

A perfect cleansing scrub for removing blackheads and dead skin cells effectively while performing lifting effect for a soft, smooth and supple skin.Also contains Chamomile Flower Extract which is an antioxidant agent to soothe your skin. Ideal f

500 gram Active Ingredients: Allantoin It keeps the skin soft and prevents abnormal pH fluctuation. It decreases infected eruptions, heals the affected skin portions and has a soothing effect. Chamomile Flower Extract Consist of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which perform soothing effect for sensitive skin.It may help to relieve the inflammation and irritation of infected acne on your face. Cichorium Intybus Root Extract & Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum Lifting effect, immediate & long term. Superficial tightening action combined to anti-aging activity through the proven increase of collagen synthesis.

Deep Action Scrubbing Mask

Zelcos Laboratory Sdn Bhd


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